Can synthetic grass improve the market value of my property?

This is a question that members of our team are asked from time to time. Usually, it’s a fairly casual enquiry, rather than an immediate need. Either way, it’s a point well worth considering. There are actually a range of factors that can help to push up the value of your home, if and when you think about putting it on the market. Let’s look at the key ones in more detail.

Making a positive first impression

No matter where your property is located, it’s always the case that a prospective buyer’s first view of it will be from a distance. This might be from their vehicle as they drive up, or as they walk towards it. Either way, you want to make a positive initial impression; this is often described as the ‘kerb appeal’ of a property.

This might be the case when each house in a street or area is quite different. Equally, where a row of properties are similar in build, preference is often determined by the aesthetic appeal of one over another. Part of such instant impressions is likely to concern the appearance of your lawn. Our climate is often not the most friendly for the production of perfect lawns. The maintenance of traditional grass can also be time-consuming. This is increasingly true when all the other aspects of moving home or selling a property are factored in.

A low-maintenance artificial lawn offers a great first impression, and not just in comparison to a tired grass lawn – it can also be much more popular than dull paving stones or simply open, unused ground.

Synthetic grass delivers both time and money savings

We’ve already mentioned, in passing, that it can be a chore to keep a lawn well-maintained. This is necessary whether you have a view to selling your property or wish to enhance the pleasure gained from living there. When you take a moment to consider the various costs involved in this process, the funds required soon add up. This starts with the need to keep it well-manicured. Costs here include replacing a mower that has given up the ghost or at least needs a service from time to time. Weeding is time-consuming and you can almost hear your aching back calling out in distress at the idea!

Another option that leads to ongoing costs is to hire a professional lawn maintenance company. If you’re hoping to sell your property, potential buyers will know they need to factor in all of these areas when considering whether it’s the best choice for them.

Not forgetting our precious water supply!

How much is the water bill to keep your lawn in prime condition? What might be the cost of installing or upgrading an irrigation system? This is an area that can often be overlooked. So, one consideration concerns the costs of maintaining natural grass in tough climatic conditions. It’s now known that, after installing synthetic grass, homeowners can actually save up to 55 gallons of water for each square foot no longer in need of irrigation. More and more people are looking for ways to protect our precious environment, so this might be a key factor when it comes to purchasing a property.

Synthetic grass is an eco-friendly decision

From the points we’ve already covered, it’s obvious that turning to synthetic grass is a positive decision for many environmentally friendly Australians. Water savings are a given. Let’s focus for a moment on the use of chemicals and pesticides on grass lawns. We know that such chemicals can, over time, slowly seep through the soil. Once underground, they can make their way into our public water systems.

This run-off can become a substantial problem in terms of water pollution. Leading on from this, they can then become linked to a range of unwelcome health problems, often particularly affecting children.

These problems are now widely recognised as causing unnecessary harm. So, we don’t find it at all surprising that many local governments across our country are offering incentives to switch to synthetic grass lawns.

More about that improved resale value

Let’s return to the initial question about improving resale value. One study has suggested that quality landscaping can boost market value by over 12%. This is certainly worthy of attention. Also, you might appreciate that making such a favourable first (and on-going) impression makes it more likely that, if and when you decide to move on, your current property will spend less time on the market.

Making the decision to switch to synthetic grass

Having considered the financial, time, and environmental implications of maintaining a natural grass lawn, many Queenslanders are reaching a decision to switch to synthetic alternatives. The benefits we’ve mentioned to be gained now surely weigh in favour of such a decision. Should you also be considering a potential sale, further down the line, then such gains can be substantial.

Our Turf King team of seasoned professionals are committed to providing the very best synthetic turf for your property. All our installations are backed by a substantial decade-long guarantee.

Wise words from our customers

There is one comment that we hear from so many satisfied customers. They tell us their synthetic grass lawn is ‘artificial but doesn’t look fake in any way’. This is music to our ears! Fake grass is what you might find underfoot at an exhibition, so it’s there for only a minimal time and has no lasting value.

Quality synthetic grass, on the other hand, is a permanent solution. It’s there to last and will make a great impression. As another customer told us recently: “It’s great. My kids can play on the lawn at any time without getting covered in mud if it’s been wet or dust and grit if it hasn’t.”

To find out more, contact us now at Turf King for a detailed discussion and an obligation-free quote.

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