Pets and Artificial Turf

Pets, particularly dogs, love the backyard. Especially grass. But what about artificial turf? Many people considering artificial grass with pets often ask us how much their furry friends will like the surface. The good news is, they’ll love it – especially dogs. They will treat artificial grass the same as natural grass or turf.

What’s more, there are many benefits for your dog, family and the garden. Here are just a few reasons why synthetic turf can benefit owners and dogs alike:

✓ Dogs love playing on synthetic grass and will be sure to ‘have a bathroom break’ on it. Moreover, it’s there for them all year round.

✓No muddy grass means not having to worry about your dog bringing the outside dirt in.

✓Gone are the days when they cannot play outside because you’ve just put weed killer or fertilizer down or are planning maintenance with your lawnmower or whipper snipper.

✓ The pool area looks great with artificial grass and there is no cut grass trimming’s contaminating the pool and causing issues with pool equipment.

✓ You can enjoy your lawn free from stains and odours. Synthetic grass is perforated so urine can drains through the surface of the turf and any dog solids can be picked up and disposed of easily. The artificial fibres will not be harmed by this. Vinegar and water will easily take away any odours and germs.

✓ The appearance of your garden will not be compromised from being dug up. Your outdoor space can remain luscious, healthy and green all year round, providing an environment that smells fresh and is clean.

✓ Dogs can’t dig up and bury a bone in synthetic turf.

Benefits of synthetic grass

Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural grass. It’s easy to clean, it’s safe for pets, and it doesn’t require any mowing.

Some of the advantages of synthetic grass are that it doesn’t require irrigation or mowing and that it is not prone to infestation by weeds. This makes it an excellent choice for families with pets as you won’t need to worry about your pet destroying the artificial lawn, and no chemicals will be required for its upkeep. This makes synthetic grass a great alternative to natural grass due to its many benefits.

Benefits of synthetic grass include:

– Environmentally friendly: It does not require water, fertilizer, or pesticides.
– It requires little maintenance and low upkeep
– It doesn’t need to be tilled or overseeded with new grass seed
– Can be installed on any surface type, including rooftops and balconies

Synthetic grass is a great alternative for people with pets who want to have a lush, green lawn but don’t have the time and resources to maintain it.

It can stand up to heavy traffic, including pet traffic, extreme weather conditions and provides years of enjoyment. In addition, you can install the turf in a few hours with no mess or fuss.

Perhaps the best benefit is that the synthetic grass is easy to clean and never needs to be watered or fertilized.

The importance of non-sand infill turf for pets

The decision of which type of turf you should consider is all about your personal preference. There are some people who would rather have a product that is not abrasive to their pet’s paws, or that doesn’t contain any kind of sand.

On the other hand, there are also people who would rather have a product that can withstand constant foot traffic and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If you’re looking for something that will be more durable in your yard then you may want to consider synthetic grass from Turf King.

We have a synthetic turf range that doesn’t require “sand infill”. With sand infill the sand grains actually can hold dog urine – urine gets into the sand grains and then is impossible to get out – so non-sand infill turf is the only option if you have a pet. It is very easy to clean because there isn’t sand for the smells to get trapped in. Pets smells aren’t an issue if you have non-sand infill turf.

Is synthetic turf affordable?

Synthetic grass is not as expensive as you may think. The cost of synthetic grass will depend on the type of lawn you want and how much area it needs to cover.

The prices for synthetic grass can range from $6,000 to $7,000 for a standard-sized yard with a medium grade of quality. For the highest-quality lawns that are used in professional sports stadiums and at golf courses, the cost can jump up to $15,000 to $20,000 per acre.

Also, consider that synthetic turf is cheaper to maintain. No need to water it, except maybe if hosing off some dog solids. No need to fertilize it or spray it with weed killer.

Turf King

At Turf King, we specialise in synthetic turf for residential, educational facilities, sporting fields & courts, and retail & commercial events.

We have a wide range of different synthetic turf styles to choose from, including:

Royal 40: The Royal 40 Range is the market leader when it comes to all-round performance

The Royal 40 Ultra High Density: provides a density and thickness of fibre that is unique to the Australian market.

Platinum Rise: The Royal Pedigree of synthetic turfs

Royal 25c: It’s the “Royal” breed for a cost-effective budget.

If you are unsure which type is right for your needs and best for your pets, then please reach out for some professional and friendly advice at Turf King.

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