Top 5 benefits of artificial grass

Do you ever find yourself peeking over the fence to admire your neighbour’s lush green lawn, with its thick uniform grass and neatly manicured edge? Only to look back at your own brown patchy disgrace of a lawn in despair. There are plenty of ways you can improve the condition of your lawn, but all of them require investing a significant amount of time, effort and money. And even this may not be enough if you have kids and a dog running around the place. If only there was an easy way to achieve a beautifully manicured lawn, that didn’t require any maintenance. Well, artificial grass could be the solution to your problem. Check out the top 5 benefits of installing artificial grass in your garden to see for yourself.

1. Easy to maintain

A beautiful lawn is not achieved by accident, it requires constant maintenance with regular mowing, watering, weeding, edging and fertilising. It’s no wonder your lawn is looking tired, how many of us can afford to dedicate that amount of time to the garden? Artificial grass does not require any of this, it doesn’t need watering every day or mowing once a week. No fertilizer is required and it’ll always remain weed-free. But best of all, your lawn will remain lush and green all summer no matter how much the kids play on it. So now you can relax knowing your lawn is well looked after and dedicate more time to spend with your family. This will become especially enjoyable, on the days you sit back in your garden chair, listening to your neighbour toiling away with the mower and trimmer.  

2. Cost-effective

Maintaining a lawn is not only time consuming, but it’s also expensive as well. The cost of fertilizer and weed control soon adds up, you’ve also got to consider the cost of fuel and electricity for the mower and trimmer. By installing an artificial lawn you eliminate all these costs and you’ll see a significant reduction in your water bill as well. So you’ll not only have more time to spend with the family, you’ll have more money in your back pocket too. So yes, you really can have a beautiful neat lawn that doesn’t cost anything in upkeep or require you to spend hours and even days pushing a mower or hunched over a trimmer.  

3. More suitable for the Brisbane climate

Sure, a beautiful natural green lawn looks stunning, especially when it’s been properly maintained, but achieving this look in the hot Brisbane summer is almost impossible unless you have a team of professional gardeners on hand. The fact is that grass is not suitable for the hot and stormy Australian summer. Long periods of heat can kill grass, and heavy storms can bog it down and cause rot. There is no way your lawn is going to remain 100% pristine in our climate. So why not just admit defeat and install an artificial lawn instead? Turf-King artificial grass is designed specifically for the Brisbane climate. So it will keep its lush green appearance no matter how hot it gets or how wet it is. Pretty soon your neighbour will be looking over the fence in envy at your lush green lawn.

4. Child and pet friendly

An artificial lawn is not just better for you, it’s better for your children and pets as well. Artificial grass stays lush and soft no matter what the weather does, so it’s softer on animal paws and children’s feet. Due to the fact, there is no dirt to worry about, it is much cleaner for your dog, cat or rabbit to roll around in. You won’t have to pull any of those annoying grass seeds out of their fur either. As there are no chemicals, fertilizer or pesticides ever used on artificial grass. You can relax knowing that your children and pets are playing in a safe chemical-free environment.  

5. Better for the environment

Natural grass may look green, but all that upkeep takes its toll on the environment. Regular mowing uses electricity or petrol which adds to greenhouse gasses. While the extraction of potash for fertiliser causes widespread and lasting environmental damage. Don’t forget about the water needed for lawn maintenance. During the height of summer 1 sqm of lawn requires about 20-litres of water every seven days to stay looking healthy. That water is essentially wasted and it could be better used elsewhere, especially if the drought conditions seen over recent years become more common. Excessive watering also risks polluting watercourses with fertilizer enthused runoff stimulating algae growth. By installing a beautiful artificial lawn from Turf-King you can benefit from a beautiful lush green lawn all summer long, without any cost to the environment. So you can sit back in your pristine yard enjoying the sunshine with a clear conscience.

An artificial lawn is the best choice for you and your family.

So put a stop to your lawn envy by installing a super high-quality artificial lawn from Turf-King. You will not only benefit from a perfectly manicured lawn year-round, but you’ll also save some money and protect the environment in the process.

Turf-King artificial lawns look so natural, it blends seamlessly with the other landscaping in your garden. So no matter if you’ve got a swimming pool, timber deck or concrete patio, your new lawn will not look out of place.

Turf-King artificial lawns are also much more durable than traditional lawns, which makes them perfect for households with kids and pets. Our Royal 40 – Ultra High-Density range is so durable you could throw a party in your garden and your lawn will still look pristine the next day.

Check out the complete range of Turf-King artificial lawn products below:

Royal 40 – This is our most popular product because it provides the best combination of performance and value.

Royal 40 Ultra-High Density – This provides superior durability for high traffic areas.

The Platinum Rise – This is our most luxurious product which offers the softest and most luscious artificial grass on the market.

For more information about our range or to arrange a quote for your home. Complete the contact form here or give us a call on 0487 888 500. We can also send you FREE samples of each product allowing you to see the quality for yourself before you buy.

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