Turf & Childcare Centres

At Turf King, we know the top priority of both parents and caregivers is to provide children with safe, fun places to stay. With extensive experience installing synthetic grass in home gardens, schools, and daycare centres, we know that high-quality fake turf can be an excellent replacement for the real thing.

With less of the mud and mess of regular turf, and the ability to lay artificial grass on top of shock pad surfaces, there’s a good reason why more and more daycares and children centres are opting to bring in fake grass for their facilities.

Want to know why artificial turf is the right choice for childcare facilities across Australia? We’ve covered all you need to know, with a little extra insight into which type of grass might be right for your outdoor spaces as a childcare provider. Read on now to find out more:

Why is fake grass ideal for daycares and childcare centres?

Getting outside in nature and enjoying being in the fresh air is beneficial to children of all ages. Active play is far more suitable for external, safe environments, where there’s plenty of space to explore with friends and childcare staff. While natural grass may look great for at least part of the year, it is far less hardy than the average roll of fake turf for numerous reasons.

The first reason why natural grass doesn’t work as well in childcare is that it can quickly become muddy or damaged by little feet and even exploring hands. Whether your children love digging up the grass or running around, grass isn’t hardwearing enough to withstand daily play in the same way artificial turf would be.

Secondly, natural grass requires extensive maintenance to look its best. That means regular watering and care may even mean your children can’t enjoy the outdoors if seeding and greater maintenance are required. There’s no such issue with artificial grass, and once it has been laid, children can get years of enjoyment out of the outdoor spaces without any need for a break.

The final reason why fake grass is ideal for daycares is allergies. Not only is fake grass less likely to attract insects in many cases, but it also doesn’t produce pollen or an allergic reaction in children with grass and plant allergies. That means it’s perfectly safe for them to play all day without any risk of toxins or nasty materials. Our turf is designed to live up to the hottest conditions easily for year-round uniformity that kids can enjoy.

Ideas for fake grass in childcare facilities

How can you make the most of artificial turf in your childcare centre? Here are just a few ideas you may want to consider:

Turf existing grass spaces for year-round fun

The easiest and most obvious way to use artificial turf is to replace existing grass areas in your childcare centre seamlessly. As a practical solution to lower the time spent on maintenance, synthetic turf looks fantastic year-round and is much more useable than regular grass when it comes to the destruction small children can cause.

Replace hard patios and other surfaces with soft, springy grass

If you have concreted outdoor space or paved areas, artificial grass complete with a springy lining can help to make those spaces safer and more usable by children of all ages. Spilled drinks and crumbs are also easy to clean off of turf, whereas older patios and surfaces may leave surfaces sticky or crumbs may fall into the gaps. Overall, artificial turf is cleaner and less of a risk to tiny knees if one of your children does happen to fall over.

Use artificial turf in sunrooms and covered areas to bring the outdoors inside

One innovative way to use artificial turf is to lay it indoors. Whether you have minimal outdoor space or you like the idea of adding some fun to a previously underused indoor space, turf is an excellent option. As fake turf can be laid on many surfaces, a sunroom or pergola space can quickly get a new lease of life with some vibrant green turf. You can play upon the outdoors-indoors theme with picnics, planting flowers or any number of other fun activities.

Is Turf King the best option for fake grass in childcare centres?

As an Australian-based artificial turf company, Turf King is the ideal choice for high-quality turf suitable for children. Each product in our range is designed to be soft, comfortable, and easy to clean, making it suitable for spaces where children play. Our turf is also not easily marked by benches and picnic tables, allowing for years of use without damage.

Which Turf King artificial grass is the best option for young children?

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality grass that looks incredible and is soft underfoot – even without shoes – then our Platinum Rise turf is the ideal option. Designed to look full with a combination of shades that provide three-dimensional looks, Platinum is the perfect fit to transform any outdoor space.

For smaller budgets, there are plenty of other options in our range to pick from. We’d be happy to advise on the best choice for your specific needs based on what you can afford and how much use our outdoor space will get. Browse our full range of turfs online now, or get in touch with our team today to discuss the different options we have available to you.

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