What is sand infill?

Since their introduction in the early 1960s, artificial grass products have advanced tremendously. Football and rugby were the primary sports for which products were produced, and landscape design was second in line.

The demand for synthetic lawns and improvements to the products have increased over the years, as has their use and benefits. As early products were intended for sports, kiln dried sand was often used as a filler, which helped with durability.

In recent years, however, non-infill grass has become more popular for garden and lawn designs.

Synthetic turf has two main categories, ones that need sand infill and ones that don’t.

The sand infill is sprinkled over the synthetic grass once it has been laid. The sand makes its way down into the sub-base, which helps prevent fibres lying over and helps to weigh down the turf. Sand can be useful for areas with extremely high traffic like schools and playgrounds, but unfortunately, sand can also grow nutgrass and other weeds, trap unwanted pet smells, and end up on your feet, in your pool or even your house.

Due to the numerous elements that make synthetic turf look and feel amazingly realistic, more and more people are choosing artificial turf for its consistent, beautiful appearance. Infill is one of these components, and it gives the fake lawn the stability and supports it needs to look like natural grass.


Sand infill has some disadvantages

When laying the grass, some companies will still infill it with silica sand or kiln-dried materials, but this strategy can lead to several problems:

In the grass, sand clogs the drainage holes, causing a restricted drainage pattern. When turf is manufactured, the backing of a roll of turf is generally holed and not visible when laying. This backing can become clogged by sand, resulting in moist grass. As a child, you have probably experienced the mess that comes with playing on sand-filled fields! One of the main advantages of artificial grass is that it does not produce a mess. The sand infill base is open to airborne pollination, and it can become very prone to weed growth. If your lawn is perfect but has weeds growing in it, you don’t want that.


The advantages of non-infill grass

Our company creates and combines new concepts for artificial grass. Our technology is the next generation. Our artificial turf is designed with innovative synthetic fibres, made with a polymer resin, one of the most innovative methods ever devised. Eco-friendliness is what separates us from our competition.

A new trend has emerged in the synthetic turf industry – artificial grass with no need for infill to be installed. With an infill-less system, it’s easy to understand the appeal. In the first place, it reduces the cost of the system, and there is no infill, so it costs less to produce. This will also make artificial turf even lower maintenance (an artificial lawn should be infilled every 18 months). Infill is not an essential part of the overall functionality of any synthetic turf system.
Because of crumb rubber on athletic fields, infill has developed a negative connotation in recent years.
Such systems may also be used by clients concerned about their children putting rubber granules or sand in their mouths. Additionally, non-infill artificial grass systems are more suitable since they are easy to repack and carry after use.


A turf range fit for a King

So what’s the best synthetic grass for you? Let’s take a look. For residential synthetic Turf installations, we recommend a non-sand infill for absolute peace of mind and true low maintenance.

Royal 40 offers the best all-around performance. Its commercial latex backing is the thickest on the market, and many pet hotels and dog owners love it and give the NON-SAND INFILL seal of approval.

Artificial turf of the highest quality. There is no doubt that Platinum Rise synthetic turf is the market leader. This is the softest, most luxurious artificial grass available for your outdoor area, and it will transform your outdoor space into a more elegant, useable and luscious area.

There is no better option for a cost-effective budget than this breed. With the 25c, you get a shorter pile synthetic turf with a full latex backing that matches the lower density fibre, requiring full sand infill in areas where sand is suitable. This is for commercial applications only & minimum order quantities of 500 sqm apply to this product.


Prefer the DIY approach?

Turf King will transform your yard with our complete Supply and Installation service, taking care of everything from start to finish. Still, if you have some spare time and want to install our artificial grass range yourself, then we are more than happy to help through our social media pages on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram. We are continually updating our “how to” tutorials with short videos explaining all the tricks of the trade.

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